The Chapel Valley I See...

The Move

It is a church that only God can build, where He gets to do what He wants to do, and where He receives all the glory for its fruitfulness. It is a church where people are constantly being saved, delivered into wholeness, filled with the Holy Spirit, and passionate about reaching others for Christ. It is a church that functions in such size and scope that it cannot be explained any other way than “a powerful move of God.”

The People

It is a church where the love of God and the spirit of unity cultivates an environment where all can experience meaningful relationships. It is full of people who give honor, desire excellence, value trust, and are wise to Satan’s tactics of breeding disunity to stop God’s blessing. It is a church that has no lack because it is a giving church full of good and faithful stewards who God can trust to share His abundant resources with others. It is a church full of people who live full of the Holy Spirit and move in His power in their everyday lives. It is a church where everyone is a minister of the gospel, growing as disciples, and bringing their portion with a servant heart. It is a church made up of people who have such a desire for a move of God that they are willing to do any job, pay any price, and even forfeit personal ambitions to see God accomplish His plan on the earth. It is a church where children and youth are viewed as fully enfranchised ministers who move boldly and confidently as giant slayers for God. Where whole families are transformed by the love of Jesus, stepping into freedom and wholeness.

The Atmosphere

It is a church in constant motion where God leads the various activities like a symphony. Where the very atmosphere is charged with the tangible presence of God. It is a worshipping church whose songs and sound reflect such a passion for Christ that others sense His magnificence and power. It is a church where heaven and earth meet. Where members arrive long before starting time and stay long after conclusion to offer themselves in worship to God. Where God’s presence brings order, peace, and breakthrough. It is a church where the uncompromised Word of God is taught. Where understanding of truth floods the people, bringing wisdom, understanding, answering challenges, and releasing innovative ideas.

The Commission

It is a church that takes the message of Jesus Christ into its surrounding communities and around the world through, training, outreaches, missionary sponsorship, media broadcasts, and quality resources. It is a church that receives people from all around the world to experience God’s glory, to be trained by God’s anointing, and be sent out by divine commission. It is a church that has supernatural influence with city, government, and leaders. It is a church filled with people of prayer – fervent believing prayer – prayer that gets results that money cannot buy. It is a church that inspires other ministries and believers to take God at His Word and allow God to be God. It is a church that cannot be stopped because God is the driving force. It is so beyond human ability, ingenuity, or planning that God gets all of the glory. This is the church God sees. He has set it in my heart and I will follow God and obey His voice until everyone can see the Chapel Valley Church I see.

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