Chapel Valley Church
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

Shepherd Prayer

An all powerful God set aside a week to bring into manifestation the invisible longings of his heart. Creation wasn’t something he dutifully performed. It was the creative expression of his magnificence. In like fashion, the SHEPHERD Prayer format is not to be an arduous burden but a creative prayer focus where one can engage the major areas of a healthy prayer life with sufficient consideration for Spirit led prayer, notes, and celebration. Prayer is bringing my invisible heartfelt longings before God so that what is at first not seen with the natural eye soon becomes the will of God in plain sight.

If you do not have a daily prayer routine, consider using the SHEPHERD Prayer guide. Each day pray a simple but meaningful prayer, use this Life Journal to keep a prayer log, and share and celebrate the answers as they come. Each week you will bring your spiritual vitality, health, family, church family, other ministries, your community, and global missions before God in prayer. Get started and make a difference!

Pastor Tim

S – (Sunday) To open and prepare my heart to receive the Spirit’s word.

Confession: “I am called by God, my Creator, to bear witness to the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ for I have been given the promise of His unshakable faithfulness and my lasting fruitfulness.”

Today, I Consider…

  • What heart issues am I being asked to honestly deal with?

H – (Monday) To maintain Health through personal refreshing, stirring, and cleansing.

Confession: “As a child born of His Spirit I welcome the flow of His grace-filled power flowing daily from my personal communion with Him as I commit to guard my heart.”

Today, I Consider…

  • What prophesies presently govern my life?
  • What promises am I presently drawing on in faith?
  • What are my most pressing present concerns?
  • What are my most private personal concerns?

E – (Tuesday) To Extend my prayers to cover my family and extended family with personal naming.

Confession: “As a member of the family of God I exercise the privilege to include my immediate and extended family into “My house” through prayer.”

Today, I consider…

  • To name in prayer each relative the Father has placed on my heart to contend for their salvation and His fulfilled promise in their lives.

PH – (Wednesday) To care for my Flock beginning with my local brothers and sisters.

Confession: “As a son/daughter of the Father, I am a bearer of the promise that His grace shall be imparted to other sons and daughters through me.”

Today, I consider…

  • What prophesies presently govern the direction of my local Church family?
  • What promises are we presently drawing on in faith?
  • What are our most pressing present concerns?

E – (Thursday) To Extend my role as a partner to other ministries.

Confession: “As a ministry partner of Jesus, the Great Shepherd, I allow for His increasing influence through me to extend through the hand of other ministers who have been affirmed by His approval.”

Today, I consider…

  • What ministry leaders do I partner with in contending for their increased fruitfulness?
  • How will I make supplication for them by name?

R – (Friday) To Reach out as an ambassador and a citizen to my community.

Confession: “As a commissioned ambassador I am promised spiritual authority as I joyfully choose to live an ordered life of involvement.”

Today, I consider…

  • What friends, neighbors, and co-workers has the Father placed upon my heart to contend for their salvation?
  • What community events has the Father asked me to be involved in?

D – (Saturday) To answer my call as a citizen and a saint to this World.

Confession: “As a son/daughter of promise I live in the hope of God’s fulfilled purpose in me, the people I partner with, and those we influence together.”

Today, I consider…

  • Is my world view in line with the Father’s
  • Will I pray for Israel?
  • What global ministries do I support in prayer and deed?